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Sometimes even knowing where to begin in envisioning what sort of website you'd like for your church is the hardest part of the process. With that in mind we've found that providing some examples of designs can be the best way to get your website project off the ground.

Our Theme Collection

We've developed some professional design themes specifically with churches in mind that we hope might help you to quickly, efficiently and cost effectively get a unique and attractive website for your church up and serving your community.

Below you can browse our current collection of ready to go designs. These are unique to LightStand, professionally designed and completely customizable.

Unique to Your Church

If you were to select any of these themes they would of course be decked out with your church's logo, colours and images. All the page titles, featured boxes, banners, navigation menu and other elements would also be customized to fit your church.

Like all of our websites they are built on a WordPress CMS platform and so the content would be easily manageable and up-dateable by you and your church team.

Take a look through our current collection and see which one might be a great fit for you!

  • Notes:
  • You can switch between themes using the "Themes" dropdown in the menu.
  • The Hunt Media LightStand header in the demos would not be included in your actual website. It's just there so you can still navigate around.
  • The demos are just the homepage of each design.  

Our Life theme offers a crisp, clean layout with open space, simple structure and a classic, friendly atmosphere. It gives an easy entrance for new guests, featured sections, a banner for your service and a full width map. We think it's hard to go wrong with this design.

A vibrant, feature-rich design, Renewal gives plenty of room for featured sections, news updates and upcoming events all in a strong, clean and attractive package.

Living Hope is a bold, modern design with a print inspired layout. Strong typography, big filtered images, a posts slider, featured boxes and more make this design a great choice for a unique website.

Redemption is a big, clean canvas of a theme. It lets us customize each site using it with big, beautiful images that immediately make it unique. It has lots of space and air to it with clean lines and classic fonts. It can be perfect for churches whether they're formal, liturgical, casual, and modern.

Trinity was design for churches who want a lot of control over their homepage content and want to update their site regularly. It has a clean and classic framework with crisp lines, carefully placed sections, a big banner slider featured pages, highlighted sections and more.

Grace is a wide, feature-rich and clean design, with a natural flow and distinct sections to make images come alive and content easy to find. We think it could make a great home for any church.

Mercy is a very open and clean design, with a smooth-scrolling flow and big images. It presents information really clearly and leaves lots of space and flexibity for adding new sections and content.

Freedom features a big, open and image driven layout with strong lines, a transparent header and menu and two rows of featured pages or posts. We think it could make a great first impression on anyone checking out your church.

An image-rich, full-featured and modern design, Covenant offers a smooth, crisp layout; an easy flow of content; big, bold banners; lots of information and great flexibility for any church.

Salvation offers a strong, decisive design with a clean header, big slideshow banner, featured section illustrations and more. It gives a layered, welcoming home for your website while keeping it simple.

With a panning slideshow banner and fullscreen panels Radiance is a unique and modern design but with simple navigation, flow and upkeep. It can be as colourful as you want it, welcomes new guests and keeps your current members up-to-date. We think it could make a great homepage for your site.

Sometimes clean and straightforward is the best solution. With smooth parallax banners and some of our most requested features Resurrection offers simple clarity, flexible content and a crisp, attractive design.

Ready to get started?