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Our Services

Our Services

From working in and with many churches over the years I've recognized that each congregation may have a specific need when it comes to their website. Some churches have had a site for years and it's showing its age. Some need help with engaging social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Some churches had an administrator but they've left the position and now no one knows how to update the site. There are a wide of range of struggles you might be encountering and many of them I can help you with.

So look through the list below of some of the services I can provide and see if there's one that fits you. Either way you can contact me or go through the How to Get Started page. And we'll see what we can do together.

Example Services

Build a brand new website

If you don't have a website or you're interested in a new one we can help. We've built many, many church websites over the years and would love to help you develop one as well. Most of our sites these days are built on a WordPress platform so their content is easy to update and manage. There are a variety of options we can provide in terms of design and features depending on your budget and needs.

One of the quickest, simplest and most cost efficient options is to use a beautiful pre-designed layout theme. We've created a growing collection you can choose from that can be fully customized for your church.

Go to our Themes page to see a list of our current premium home themes and see if one might be a great fit for your church.


Upgrade the look of your current site

If you just need a tweak or a refresh of a couple elements on your current website we can help. Perhaps you need your new logo added. Or you'd like different colours. Or you'd like a photo slideshow on your homepage. In most cases we can make these changes for you and give your current site a little makeover.

Optimize your site for mobile devices

A big need these days is to ensure your website is easily usable and readable on a variety of screens and devices. More and more internet traffic (and people checking out prospective churches) is coming via smartphone and tablets and if your website doesn't function well in that environment it's a big minus. We can help make you compatible and avoid losing your impact and search engine rankings because of a poor mobile experience.

Update your current site’s content

Church websites are notorious for becoming out of date. Its hard to find the man power or the time to keep a site full of news and events current and too many churches fall behind. If you need some information updated or some new events listed or any content updates we can help with that.

Setup Social Media pages

The internet is not just websites anymore. A massive cultural influencer is now the realms of social media. Facebook and Twitter and Instagram have become social meeting places and many people's primary source for news and entertainment. Churches can and should be making an impact on these young and growing communities. So, if you'd like a Facebook page or Twitter account or Instagram feed but aren't sure how to get started we can help.

WordPress Assistance

WordPress is the most used website platform on the internet. Countless blogs and websites run on WordPress including many church sites. One of the beauties of WordPress is how flexible and configurable it is. So if you have a WordPress driven site and would like a new theme installed for a different look, need some new features like an events calendar, would like a simpler interface for managing the site or need better security against hackers we can help you get more from your WordPress website.